Combating the Aggressive Life Style Inventory Essay

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Combating the Aggressive Life Style Inventory and
Gaining Success in the Workplace
Glenn R
November 9, 2014

MGMT 591: Leadership and Organizational Behavior
Dr. Barbara Vallera
Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University

This paper explores the Life Styles Inventory (LSI) assessment and pitfalls of the competitive and approval management styles. In this evaluation, I also examine strengths and impacts of these styles. Specifically, how they can be utilized to benefit the organization and how these styles impact the four functions of management. This paper also reviews my circumplex (a person’s personal LSI profile) and critically evaluates and explains how these styles were developed. Through the course,
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This assessment challenges others to examine their individual mode of thinking and how it influences your behavior.
Upon completion of the LSI assessment, the results of my circumplex showed that I scored in the 99th percentile for the competition scale followed by affiliative scale in the 96th percentile. The competitive scale in particular associates self-worth with winning and losing, and has a high need of recognition and praise from others (“The Competitive Style”, 2014). While I was not shocked to see this as my primary selection, I was shocked to see how high I scored on the scale. However, after reviewing the LSI items listed by style, I could see how closely I related to pride, self-assertion, impressing others, and how I see everything as a challenge. I also scored high for the affiliative scale, noting that I also tend to see the best in others, have strong interpersonal relationships, and try to help others be successful. The affiliative scale measures the degree of commitment to forming and sustaining satisfying relationships (“The Affiliative Style”, 2014). I tend to find that I am well liked by co-workers and cooperate well with others.
In the workplace, I am known widely for my successes and relationships. However, I am also known for how I am most concerned with other’s perceptions of me. This thirst and desire for positive recognition sometimes places me in a difficult position where I rush head-first into a

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