Essay about Combat With Femininity : Women

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Combat with Femininity
Women are thought of as weak, that they cannot handle the strain of combat. They are looked down upon as the inferior gender. As a result, there was much controversy when the Defense Secretary, Leon Panetta, lifted a ban on women serving in combat roles, which overturned the 1994 rule that forbid them. Many people questioned, “Should women be allowed in combat?” Ironically, that is where they are wrong. It is necessary that military women be “allowed” in combat; they proved themselves capable in combat roles, that they will not disrupt the cohesion of the team, and that they are as physically capable as their male counterparts.
Until 2013, the Pentagon barred women from combat roles. Pentagon policy prohibited females from direct combat, which is defined as “engaging an enemy on the ground…while being exposed to hostile fire and to a high probability of direct physical contact” (Johnson). What they do not take into account is that women have served in the line of fire since the beginning. In the year 2013, the quarter-million jobs that were barred from women were ironically the same number of women who had gone and fought in Afghanistan and Iraq over the past eleven years (Thompson). Women have served in the military since the Revolutionary War as nurses, cooks, saboteurs, etc. Even in the Civil War, women disguised themselves as men in order to serve in combat (Johnson). Today, there is approximately a number of 1,853,690 female veterans that have…

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