Com 200 Final Paper

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Proof of God’s Existence

Charles Porter

COM 200

Final Argumentative Paper

Is the proof of God necessary? Proofs are used to prove, using a deductive method, that a given necessarily exists. Proof is often like geometry there are given and certain rules is used to arrive at a conclusion of why that given is true. The proof for the existence of ‘God’ has an ultimate goal to prove that God logically and ‘necessarily exists’. If the proof is successful, any rational person cannot find fault in the claim that God does exist. Within the proofs ‘god’ must necessarily exist not just contingently exist.

An example of contingent existing would be a balloon is in my
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Therefore, God must exist. The opposition would try to bush it away by stating that if people confirm that one mythical being exists without direct cause that it would challenge their own premise and therefore, there would be no reason that the universe exists without cause but they would be wrong.

There is one more argument that embraces God’s existence, the pragmatic argument, this states that society needs ethics to survive and therefore ethics are more successful if they are taught to fear God and Hell and hope for Heaven. The opposition would claim that believing in something does not make it a fact and belief alone could never bring something into existence either. They would also claim that other different types of people survived without this belief system and they did just fine.

There are a few arguments against the existence of God, such as evil, some people think because there is evil in the world that means there is not good in the world but they are wrong. One cannot exist without the other. There is good and evil in the world and they balance each other out, like the yin and yang symbol. Pain is another argument that people state is reason enough to not believe in God. People often think that since God allows people to be in pain that he either does not exist or that he is not loving or powerful.

Last but certainly not least, most people think that since there is injustice in the world

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