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While most kids attend public schools to receive an education, there are some people who choose to have their kids home schooled. There are many reasons for parents to choose either way for their children to receive their education. In my essay, I will show that there are similarities and differences between the two methods I will show how either option equally as good as the other.

Public schools provide a way for kids to perfect their interactive skills with other kids and teachers. It allows kids to interact with other children and acquire critical social skills that they will use as they grow up. It teaches kids teamwork and how to work with other people to solve problems. It also gives kids the opportunity to think outside the
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Also, while they may have their children's best interests at heart, they may become overwhelmed with both duties. Another problem that may arise is that while the majority of people that home school actually give their kids a proper education, unfortunately, there are some out there that do not take the concept of teaching seriously. A parent who says they "home school" their children just so that they cannot be enrolled in public school for whatever reason can have a detrimentally negative impact on the children. It can teach them that school is not important and that not getting an education is easier. It can make getting a job more difficult to achieve without a diploma or G.E.D. Another problem that can arise is that parents might be handing their kids books to work out of and they, themselves, may not know the answer to any of the problems. It can cause the kids to be forced to teach themselves, which defeats the purpose of the parent doing the teaching.

While both ways of getting an education have their pros and cons, I believe it is a good idea to do plenty of research before making any decisions. And if home schooling would be more beneficial for their kids, one has the time, energy, and know-how to be successful in teaching, then proceed. If public school is better, one should not feel ashamed for enrolling their kids into public schools. Given the endless list of circumstances that make up a decision, both options can work, which is why I believe that

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