Columbus Day Should Be Abolished Essay

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Every October in the United States, a holiday is observed by schoolchildren and working adults to commemorate the accomplishments of the great Christopher Columbus. While this break from school and work is appreciated by all, there is controversy surrounding the holiday itself. This debate stems from misinterpretations of the origin of Columbus Day and whether it really concerns Columbus himself. Due to its name, this holiday is taught to children by portraying Columbus as a hero and the founder of the Americas, but this is not the truth. Columbus Day should be abolished in the United States due to the misunderstandings of Columbus’s accomplishments, the devastating consequences experienced by the Taino people on San Salvador, and the repercussions felt by Native Americans due to greater European exploration.
Contrary to what many Americans believe nowadays, Columbus was not a great man who heroically founded the Americas and had many grand achievements during his lifetime. One common misconception is that he was the first person to confirm that Earth was round. In reality it was an Egyptian-Greek scientist named Erasthosthenes, who had proven this phenomenon in the third century B.C.E. (Weatherford 290). Columbus’s calculations for reaching India were also tremendously inaccurate. Given that he understood the Earth’s spherical nature, he should have also understood just how large its circumference is. A couple of days after reaching land in the Caribbean, Columbus wrote…

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