Columbus, By Christopher Columbus Essays

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Several people around the world believe that Christopher Columbus discovered America, and a day should be dedicated to him for all that he has done. However, there are people who acknowledge Columbus Day to be unnecessary due to the fact he truly did not discover America. Even though Columbus is given recognition for intertwining the New World with the Old World, there should not be a day just for him. Columbus should not have a national holiday dedicated to him because he did not discover America, his actions were horrendous such as mistreating the Taino, and he also played a part in spreading diseases and bringing slavery to the New World. First off, Christopher Columbus was not the first person to discover America as believed by numerous people, and neither did Columbus ever step foot on American soil. Most Americans believe that Columbus was the man who discovered the continent we live on today, nonetheless they do not understand that Columbus by no means set foot in America: “Columbus’ voyage has even less meaning for North America than for South America because Columbus never set foot in our continent, nor did he open it to European trade” (Weatherford 290). This quote verifies how Columbus 's misinterpretation on discovering America was true because Columbus thought he landed in America, but he essentially landed in San Salvador. There were other explorers during this time that discovered America. Explorers John Cobalt and Leif Erickson. Europeans prove that…

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