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Monash University Malaysia(2015)

The environment that higher educational institutions have operated in has changed dramatically over the years. Among the main precursors to these changes are alterations of the demographic structure, socio-economic changes, the development of new information and communication technologies, the new knowledge society and the debate over the role of education, of human capital and of scientific research in our societies (Fram & Camp, 1995). These changes together with a questioning of the functionality and performance of
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Through a long-standing partnership with the Sunway Group, the first foreign university campus in Malaysia was created at Bandar Sunway in Petaling Jaya. Classes commenced in July 1998. About a quarter of the student body is international. The campus continues to develop steadily, and now enjoys a multi-cultural and diverse body. All academic staff members are expected to engage in scholarly research. In this study, satisfaction is conceptualized as satisfaction with University Facilities, satisfaction with major curriculum, satisfaction with student activities and involvement , satisfaction with preparation for career or graduate school. This study intends to determine the extent to which four factors affect students’ satisfaction by focusing on a sample of students at Monash University Malaysia(Sunway Campus) The paper has four sections. After the introduction, section one provides a literature review of college students’ satisfaction and issues regarding university facilities, major curriculum,student involvement,preparation for careers and this is followed by the conceptual framework in which the factors affecting satisfaction with major curriculum are identified, and hypotheses are developed. Statement of the problem Winsted (2000) and Zeithamlet al.(1990) maintain that service providers will only be able to deliver service encounters that will satisfy customers if they

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