Columbia High School Need A New Honor Code Essay

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Does Columbia High School need a new Honor Code?

An honor code is a set of rules or ethical principles governing an academic community based on ideals that define what constitutes honorable behaviour within that community. Honor codes are often enforced in schools in order to create a center of trustworthy and honorable students. Here at Columbia High School, located in the small town of Nampa there is a relaxed honor code that enforces many characteristics of an ideal student and citizen. A few of these traits include; integrity, honesty, humility and determination. Although Columbia’s honor code outlines perfectly what a student should exemplify, the code is not effectively enforced and because of this, the honor code is not heeded by the pupils of this high school. Students are

constantly plagiarizing, cheating and bullying at an astonishing rate, with no punishment. To the effect of Columbia’s disciplinarian issues, revisions need to be made to the honor code in such a way that students will no longer have the desire to misbehave. If the honor code were student supervised and student enforced then the undergraduates of Columbia High School will be comforted knowing that their hard work is their own, they will have less of a temptation to cheat which will ultimately create a student body that is honest and true.

Throughout a student’s educational career they labor for countless hours of the night, worrying and stressing over the ostensibly impossible amount of…

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