Colorado Marijuana Legalization Essay

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Marijuana in the United States has been a big issue for decades dating back to when it was first made illegal in 1937. Using scare tactics, propaganda, and false facts, the government decided to classify the plant as a schedule one drug along with substances such as ecstasy, LSD, and heroin. Marijuana has since become a more common and socially acceptable (Not by the government) drug in recent years. This past year Colorado, Washington, and Oregon had decided to vote on the issue of legalizing marijuana for recreational use. Focusing on Colorado, Amendment 64 passed on November 6th, 2012 which would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of the plant. Amendment 64 was passed in Colorado with the winning vote of about 55% of the …show more content…
When they legalized marijuana it cut down around 12 million dollars that they will have to spend on law enforcement. Part of the amendment for Colorado stated that the first 40 million raised through taxes would be put into the public school capital construction assistance fund annually. The final taxes haven’t been put into effect yet but that income will be steadily incoming by the start of July. It is speculated that the 60 million dollars might double by 2017 which would be absolutely great for Colorado. With that kind of revenue states all over should be jumping at this opportunity to gain a huge source of income.
Along with marijuana being legal, the plant has a multitude of other uses, excluding medicinal and recreational, that could be taken advantage of in many industries. The plant has different parts that can be used such as the stalk, leaves, flowers, and seeds. The stalk can be used as textiles like twine, rope, tarps, and use in diapers, denim, and can even make shoes. The leaves along with the stalk can be used to create many different types of paper and building materials like fiberboard, insulation, and cement. The seeds can be used in foods, personal hygiene products, and industrial products such as paint, fuel, and lubricants. All these uses may be another reason for the government to keep it illegal because it is such a useful plant that it may put cause other businesses to fail.
I believe that marijuana should be relinquished from the

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