Colorado Gun Laws Ineffective Essays

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For years Colorado has been known for its beautiful landscape, ski resorts and even its relaxed gun laws. Recently however lawmakers in Colorado passed laws for stricter gun control. The laws include limiting magazines to a 15 round capacity and background checks before every gun purchase including private sales. These laws are ineffective, despite good intentions, they are very difficult to enforce and are too vague to support. Police officers serve and protect, and if these laws effect anyone more than the public that have to abide the laws its police officers who have to abide them and try to enforce them. “55 of the 62 sheriffs that serve in Colorado have outright refused to enforce the state’s new gun laws”. That’s nearly 89% of …show more content…
"Over 70 people have been stopped in the first couple months of purchasing a firearm that they otherwise wouldn't have if they didn't go through the background checks, so we're seeing it work" (Fasano, 2014). The only way to enforce a law like this is for police to set up sting operations to see if the background check is conducted, other than that is impossible to tell. Many more voters support the background checks over limiting the magazine capacity, mostly because it’s the one out of the two laws that are actually making a difference. Since the laws have passed two democrats, Senate President John Morse and Sen. Angela Giron had recall elections and State Sen. Evie Hudak resigned before she could be recalled. People in Colorado do not agree with laws set in place by lawmakers and are not afraid to take action. These laws either need to be repealed or revised in order to gain any support from the people who have to follow them. The laws are too vague for anyone to take serious but the democratic majority senate has stopped multiple repeal attempts. I understand that because of recent mass shootings and chaos that some people believe there needs to be more gun control for Colorado. Steinhaurs (2013) states that “We do know that historically in these instances, amateurs have trouble switching magazines”. If you have to change magazines every 15 rounds fired and you’re not a regular gun user it might be time consuming, meaning added

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