Color Scheme and the Work Place Essay example

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Color Scheme and Work Productivity 1

Running Head: Color Scheme and Work Productivity

Color Scheme and Work Productivity
How Does the Color Scheme of a Building Affect Work Productivity
Introductory Psychology
Research Paper Using APA Style

Jessica N. Russell
Milwaukee Area Technical College
July 2008

Color Scheme and Work Productivity 2
Creating a productive work environment is a shift in both the blue collar and white collar work worlds that has the potential of influencing change in the wider arena of life. High work productivity while maintaining quality could have an extremely positive impact on the economy. Research indicates that employees produce a higher output of work when they
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This research, now known as the Hawthorne Studies began as an attempt to investigate how characteristics of the work setting –

Color Scheme and Work Productivity 5 specifically at the level of lighting or illumination – affect worker fatigue and performance. (Jones & George, 2008, p.65). The researchers conducted an experiment in which they systematically measured worker productivity at various levels of illumination. The experiment produced some unexpected results. The researchers discovered that regardless of whether they raised or lowered the level of illumination, productivity increased. In fact, productivity only began to fall when the level of illumination dropped to the level of moonlight, a level at which, presumably, workers could no longer see well enough to do their work efficiently. (Jones & George, 2008, p.65). It was concluded that the employees were just happy that people were paying attention to them, and seeing what caused them to work more productively. The Hawthorne Studies did not look at how illumination at higher or lower intervals for a set period of time affects the performance. This would have answered the question if the illumination affects work performance. Thus, from there, research could have been done in regards to the color schemes of a room. Also, much of the research cited for the Hawthorne Studies

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