Color Palettes To Reflect Recovery And Practicality

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Picture yourself walking up to a building; there are green trees decorating the walkway. You reach the metallic silver doors. While looking up at the sky, the snow white clouds slowly caress the deep blue sky. You pull the metallic door open, entering the building. As the mundane walls around you start to collapse your body goes cold and numb . The change of colors that happens When entering the building changes the psychological mind set that you are in. When this happens the neurological brain functioning changes.
How do Colors directly impact our feelings, mood, and decisions? Colors directly impact our feelings and mood, which further impacts our decisions. Cameron Forte in the Use of interior Color Palettes to Reflect Recovery and Practicality.
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Reports that people who prefer the color red are more likely to be hostile and logical when compared to the people who prefer the color blue. In the article it goes through 4 different studies all of which had both male and female candidates from a university whom got credit for the studies. As stated in the paper, Fetterman, A. K., Liu, T., & Robinson, M. D. (2015) “The 4 studies worked together to establish the results. Study one, was a simple question as to color preference of red or blue of the group of students. Study two was a noise and visual input test asking the students to choose if the input was red or blue. The third study omitted the noise and the color blue, but included green and white and again asked the students to discern the choices as to seeing red or not, including the whitish or greenish choices. Study 4 was focused on the determination of a student’s level of hostility and provided the students with a situation in which their reaction to the situation demonstrated a more or less hostile

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