Colonization Of The United States And Indigenous Peoples Essay

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Settler colonialism is a term that describes a process in which a colony of foreign people move into a new region with the intent to establish a new community through territorial dominance. For centuries, settler colonialism has helped the United States of America become one of the richest, most powerful nation in the world, however; it’s global dominance could not be defined without remembering the millions of people the United States has killed or displaced. Although there are many historical examples of settler colonialism, the most memorable form of this concept was between the United States and Indigenous peoples. The history of the United States is a history of settler colonialism, based on the practice of slavery, genocide, land theft, and ultimately the acquisition of Indigenous peoples. The United State’s history is more often than not told in an American’s point of view, however; if these stories were told from an Indigenous perspective, some may depict this history as discriminatory or realize it was a form of colonialism, settler colonialism. In “Settler Colonialism and the Elimination of the Native” by Patrick Wolfe, an anthropologist and scholar of settler colonialism, argues that eliminating Indigenous peoples was almost necessary in the settlers eyes because this meant complete dominance over their territory, stating, “As opposed to enslaved people, whose reproduction augmented their owners’ wealth, Indigenous people obstructed settlers’ access to land, so…

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