Colonization Of The New World Essays

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For tens of thousands of people, the search for opportunity in the new world drove them to leave England and risk everything to cross the Atlantic on a perilous three thousand mile journey. The nearly ten million squares miles of unexplored land held untold riches and promised to offer new beginnings for people of all backgrounds seeking to escape religious persecution, poverty and overcrowding in Europe. English colonization in the 16th and 17th centuries opened the door to the world, as it is known today. Colonization not only allowed people to grow, but also allowed ideas, technologies, economies and knowledge to flourish and take new directions never thought possible. Columbus’s return to Europe with the sensational news of untold riches, expansive forests of green, a bounty of rivers, colossal granite peaks and wide-open spaces captivated the common people of Europe and elite Monarchs alike, inspiring ambitious goals of colonization. Monarchies sought to use colonization to expand their influence economically with trading and from the abundance of natural resources available in the New World. The church, affiliated with the Royal Crown, was another major player during the time and also sought to expand its influence by setting up religious colonies, converting natives and populating the “New World” with faithful Christians. Colonizing the vast and unforgiving American wilderness would prove to be a far greater challenge than expected by Europeans. Over the course of…

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