Essay Colonization Of Indigenous Peoples Across The Globe

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The deposition of indigenous peoples across the globe through colonisation has informed interactions between indigenous and non-indigenous for centuries. Colonisation occurred for varying reasons from nation to nation and person to person however the outcome for the Indigenous people were similar in many ways. This essay will attempt to explain some of the reasons for colonisation occurring and the effect this had on the Indigenous people. Research shows that colonisation impacted both Aboriginal Australian people and Torres Strait Islander people in ways which changed their cultural landscape significantly. It will be argued in the second half of this essay that the differences experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people during colonisation of Australia, while still significant, in no way accounts for the overall loss of life, livelihood and cultural identity which were the fundamental similarities of both cases.

Colonialism has been a primary way of one culture obtaining and maintaining power over land and resources. Spain was primarily the first to lead colonisation in the 16th century however British colonisation soon overtook Spain in terms of importance (Engerman & Sokoloff, 2012). Coates (2004) discussed the European movement to find the ‘new world’ which led to outsiders coming into lands with a purpose. The aims were varied and were thought of in terms of military, political or wealth acquisition (Coates, 2004). Whilst Prakash (1995)…

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