Colonialism And Colonization Of Africa Essay

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I’ve always known about how countries with more military power come in and takeover another cultures land. I never knew the proper term for it until recently. While in this class several instances of both colonialism and colonization have been brought to my attention and I think it is sickening. During this class, I’ve seen different parts of Africa being colonized as far back as the 1800s and as resent as the 2000s. They seem to be a common target not only for Europeans but for many countries around the world. And Africa is not the only place that continuously deal with this problem Asia, Australia, and countless other places deal with it too. I’m a firm believer that to fix a problem you must first understand it. Which is what I plan to do with the following. I want to go into the meanings of both colonialism and colonization, the things that happen with both are introduced to foreign land, and why I think it happens.
Colonialism is the foreign domination of a territory and its people for a long period. There’s another definition given describing it as “The policy of a nation seeking to acquire extend, or retain overseas dependencies” (Luthy, 484). Colonization is defined as “The peopling of foreign territory previously settled by a native population with emigrants from the mother country “(Hall, 563). Per Luthy colonialism is derived from colonization (485). To me colonialism seems like the idea and colonization is more like the idea taking form and being acted out. I…

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