Colonial Violence During The Age Of Exploration Essay

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Colonial Violence
During the Age of Exploration, Europeans explored Asia, Africa and the Americas. The western European states became nationally unified and centralized become able to invest and fund explorations. These Europeans usually were very eager to set up fortified trading posts and strategic ports with the intent of benefitting their own pockets. Most of these encounters began with amazement that ended in horror. The native people where naive to the intent of the European explorers that were there to find Wealth, Glory and to spread Christianity. The reasons why European encounters with natives in the Americas and in Africa turned violent was due to Europeans thirst for wealth, feelings of superiority and their desire for expansion of their nations and religions.
Europeans were constantly trying to find new trade routes to bring in valued commodities from exotic places. Yet the land routes like the Silk Road was controlled by the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman charged high import taxes on goods that was coming from Asia which made it too expensive to be profitable. The first few encounter with western Africa were mainly to establish fortified trading posts at strategic locations to protect their investments in the trade market. They would demand tribute from the East African nations. This dream of wealth is seen in the “Letter from the First Voyage” wrote by Columbus “I will procure them as much gold as they need, as great a quantity of spices, of cotton and of…

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