Colonial Rule Of West Africa Essay

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Colonial Nigeria refers to the area of West Africa which became modern day Nigeria during the time of British rule in the 19th and 20th centuries. British influence began with proscription of the slave trade to British subjects in 1807. British influence in the region increased gradually over the 19th century, however, Britain did not formally garner occupation until 1885 (Acemoglu et al 2001, 1375). As British presence ballooned during this time and with Nigeria officially transitioning into a colony of Great Britain, it became unambiguous that British motivations were the search for a cheap supply of resources, human and material, to ultimately contribute to the subsidence of the British Empire. Consequently during the early decades of colonial rule, the British were apprehensive over the provisions of basic infrastructure and services in the region, which essentially required them to bolster the procurement and shipment of raw materials to Britain (Ehrensaft,1972 458). The result was that the export of raw materials in form palm oil, kernels, cotton, cocoa and rubber became the premier feature of the colonial economy. There was also procurement in form mining of minerals such as coal, tin, oil and gold. The British were only involved in the mining of gold while the other minerals were left to private foreign companies. Earnings for the British increased significantly as Nigeria began to approach independence and as the demand for these materials increased it incurred…

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