Cologne Advertisement Analysis: Joop ! Homme

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When you picture a cologne advertisement, do you imagine half naked people or something else? In this ad, we clearly see two half naked people and some very suggestive text for what it means to wear this type of cologne. Your eyes are drawn to the top of the ad where you can see the text and the woman posing in a very suggestive, enticing, and sexually inviting way by showing the viewers her behind. She’s wearing little clothing and as your eyes travel further down you can see a half naked man coming out of the water and staring up at the woman. Your eyes then rest on the bottle of cologne which is to the right of the man and woman. This ad is advertising the scent “Sport” for a cologne brand named Joop! Homme. This ad has some themes that are suggestive and appeal to a man more than women. This ad is sexist towards women, has a bad message, an image that is very unflattering towards women …show more content…
Most, if not all, cologne ads use men and women to advertise their product and entice people to buy it. Many cologne ads are like this because you can 't necessarily sell the scent which is why the ads are always flashy and have half naked women and or men. So most ads appeal to the man and usually depict him surrounded by women or dressed up in expensive clothing. This is to draw in a man who thinks he isn’t a “real man” while not wearing this cologne, but once he puts it on he’ll be a “real man” and he’ll get with a lot of women. This ad has no intention of drawing in women, but it could be hinting that if you know a man is wearing this type of cologne he’s a “real man” and you’ll want to get with him. This ad is probably skipped over by women who already have someone and do not want their man “scoring” with other women, or the women don’t want to think that the man they’re with isn’t a “real man.” This ad’s main appeal is sex appeal, mainly towards the man, but also towards the

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