College Wi Fi : Dealing With The Struggle Essays

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College Wi-Fi: Dealing with the Struggle College campuses are like giant mixing pots, overflowing, full of people from different backgrounds, of different race, ethnicities, religions, etc., yet these people, each with such a unique upbringing, are all collectively craving the same particular thing. They all are relying on one source; a source that isn’t physically there, isn’t able to be felt, touched, or even visualized. Even all across the globe, wherever you might be, whatever situation you might be in, everyone is either connected to the internet, or striving to become connected, at that very moment. The internet has become something so natural in all of our lives, that without it it’s like you’ve lost a limb. It has become more a part of our lives then even our own family: say you haven’t spoken with your family in a couple of hours, no big deal; say you become disconnected from the Wi-Fi for a moment, it’s as if the world is ending.
As you may imagine, this type of extreme connection, to simply being connected, is an even more prominent fixture within the lives of students, teachers, faculty, and everyone who is in relation with a college campus or university. Every single individual relies on the campus internet and expects it to be there, ready, at our fingertips, every second of the day; and in the current world we live, this is a rather normal expectation. Discovered in a recent survey by the folks at 7signal Solutions, Inc., it was found that over 96% of…

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