Essay College Vs. High School

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College vs. High School
High school and college may appear to be closely related, but in reality they are two distinct worlds. It is crucial to recognize that the two, however slightly similar, mostly contrast in order to successfully complete the transition between the two. In transitioning from high school to college, a student would need to know what to expect, specifically how some behaviors that would have been considered taboo in the former are often acceptable in the latter. Colleges tend to offer a more substantial amount of freedom. High school on the other hand tends to focus on discipline and structural matters. W henever analyzing the aspects of college and high school, one would find the two differ in the rules and testing; however, both play a role in preparation for the student’s future.
In college rules and regulations are less strictly enforced. They also tend to be more lax in regards to structure. When it comes to dress code, colleges tend to allow freedom of expression. Whereas in high school, shoulders are considered scandalous. Dress code is a prominent structural force in high school. Teachers are often seen scanning the crowded hallways for violations of their doctrine. The possession of a cell phone is also an incriminating offense while professors are generally carefree in regards to cell phones so long as they do not directly interrupt their teachings. Attendance is another point of dissent between the two. In larger college classes, attendance is…

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