College Vs. High School Essay

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College vs. High School
At Pillager, we offer any options for high school classes. One of the options is to take college classes in the high school setting (CIS). This has been popular over the last couple of years among students attending Pillager High School. These classes are of a higher level compared to the mainstream classes, but in return, you graduate with a high school diploma, along with an AA degree. CIS classes have drawn up a lot of controversy, where teachers try to make it more “college like,” yet the students believe that their freedom as a “college student,” is not up to that of a student actually in a college setting. College in school is a great option for somebody who wants to stay in high school and have that high school experience. But with the separation between being in a high school and taking college classes seems to be misinterpreted by many. Many students choose to go PSEO, or Post Secondary. This is where any high schooler who meets the standards is able to go to the local college and receive an AA degree at no change to them. Is option contains my advantages over the CIS classes that are offered at the high school. Students only have to attend class four days a week. With this they get a lot more free time any many people take this route so that they can work more time at their job rather than being at school. If you were to take this route you would also get a grasp on what a great college is like and you would get yourself more prepared for…

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