College Tuition Should Not Be Free Essay

1986 Words Apr 21st, 2016 8 Pages
I understand that having free college tuition would mean the world to a lot of people. People who are poor and/or have low-income, people who don’t have a lot of opportunities or options after high school, and people tens of thousands of dollars into debt. If there’s one thing they would appreciate more than anything, it would be free college education. I can only dream of having my whole college education be free. However, as reality strikes in I realized that some dreams have to remain just that--a dream. Even though some people believe that making college tuition free will help erase student debt, a college education should not be free because it wouldn’t really be free, it can already be free, paying for college promotes stronger work ethic, and free college education would dilute the value of degrees.
Work ethic means everything in life, from school to the real world. Whether students are writing a research paper for an English class or performing a task for their manager at work, they will always need a stronger work ethic. Kids should usually develop this work ethic through school to pass, but in reality, schools allow kids to develop bad habits and pass them anyway. This doesn’t teach strong work ethic, but in fact teaches the opposite. It teaches kids that no matter what, they will always be able to get by. Combine that with the fact that most kids don’t appreciate their education, and the country has a generation of underachievers.
If college was free, students…

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