College Students With Behavior Problems Essay

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Students with Behavior Problems

Education has become more important to me for the past two years. I am honored to be able to step out the door and experience something new and excited at the same time. I have always imagine about becoming the greatest art teacher to my own students. During my first field experience, it has taught me many things such as the good and the bad that I didn 't know about it. I had the wonderful pleasure of being placed in Ms. Kelm classroom. She and her students were very welcoming. And as I reflect back to myself, I realized that it is not all about the money that you work for, but it’s about showing how much you care for the students future. Honey Creek School is a Milwaukee Public School. In my opinion, I think that it is such a great school because they are very well organized and have great teachers. On the positive side, this school is also recognized as an academically high achieving school. They teach from k4- fifth grade and they have about four hundred students. The school is pretty small but overall it is still a very good school. I also love the fact that it is a mixed school which mean that there are white, black, and asian students there. This place is in a great neighborhood so it’s pretty safe. When I first met my art teacher which is Ms. Kelm, she became my role model, my inspiration, and my motivation. She teaches at two different schools and so she usually travel back and forth during the weekdays. It is quite tiring…

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