College Students Should Live On Campus Essay

708 Words Nov 16th, 2016 3 Pages
Many universities and community colleges give students the option to live on campus during their freshman year and sophomore years or commute from their home. Living on campus provides different opportunities for first-time freshmen, returning and transfer students to engage in their new community and form new lasting friendships. Yet the choice to live on or off campus is not always very easy. Family, finances, jobs, athletic teams, choir, or other extracurricular involvement can all be factors in the choice of living on or off campus. Going away to college throws you headfirst into the challenging, stretching, overwhelming, and yet exciting experience of growing up. As you may choose to leave the comfort of home, you learn to live on your own, make new friends, create a budget, do laundry and other adult things. Though the experience is not always easy and may require numerous phone calls to mom or dad for advice it is worth every penny to some college students. Living on your own and developing your independence are lessons that will last you a lifetime. Most students like the sense of freedom and learning on their own meanwhile others don’t. Perhaps the most convincing reason to live at home and commute to class every day is the cost. Living on campus is a huge added investment. Could be anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 a semester just to live on campus which is a lot to some. If you live close to campus and want to save money, commuting may be a better option for you.…

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