College Students ' Nutrition And Its Effect On Physical, Cognitive, Emotional, And Social Domains

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College students’ nutrition and its effect on physical, cognitive, emotional, and social domains.


Amuta, A. O., Crosslin, K., Goodman, J., & Barry, A. E. (2016). Impact of Type 2 Diabetes Threat Appraisal on Physical Activity and Nutrition Behaviors among Overweight and Obese College Students. American Journal Of Health Behavior, 40(4), 396-404.

Important study details:
• Type 2 diabetes is a major issue due to growing obesity rates and sedentary lifestyles.
• College students fail to meet daily servings of fruit that can reduce risk of T2D
• 24% are not involved in any physical activity
• 195 over weight and 124 obese out of 319 students studied
• The amount of physical exercise also depends on family beliefs, views, and behaviors

This article did a case study on college students regarding the amount of exercise they got and what they consumed. It relates lack of physical activity as well as malnutrition to Type 2 diabetes. The results were that the consumption of more fruit and vegetable only had a weak effect on T2D. Family history greatly influences the risk of T2D.

Deforche, B., Van Dyck, D., Deliens, T., & De Bourdeaudhuij, I. (2015). Changes in weight, physical activity, sedentary behaviour and dietary intake during the transition to higher education: a prospective study. International Journal Of Behavioral Nutrition & Physical Activity, 121-10.

• Physical activity was determined by Flemish Physical Activity Questionnaire
• Sedentary behavior…

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