College Students Must Discipline Themselves Essay

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As the years have gone by, college students have been captivated by the constant updating of technology; either on their phones, tablets, or computers. College students no longer have to do things on their own because they have it right at the tip of their fingers--so long as their batteries are charged. College students have become more and more dependent on their devices. Almost unknowingly, they have adjusted their lifestyle to fit the abilities of the devices rather than use them to accommodate their lifestyle. Do college students even stop to look up anymore? College students should be mindful of how they allow technology into their life; although overall technology is not bad, excessive use can be. Aside from the increase in serious health risks, such as weight gain, blurry vision, and headaches, they also become socially withdrawn from people important to them. In order to avoid these issues, college students must discipline themselves. Changing this cycle will improve their social skills, healthy habits and ability to be more self-sufficient. Nearby colleges and the Police Departments around them can help support college student in this change as well. By doing so, they gain their independence back; they gain better control over their health, as well as interacting socially, with the people around them.
1 Claim: statistics ** mental notes** In 2010, there was a study of how many college students had access to the internet through their technology devices; whether it…

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