College Students : Learning And Learning, Navigating The Institution, And Survival Strategies

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The book is learner centered. The authors have based their ideas on the experiences of college students right from the date of enrollment in graduation year. In other words, the authors has provided some insights in the opinion of college students on how to share an educational experience with the next generation college students (Bell, McGrane, Anderson, & Gunderson, 2011).
The book is divided into three main parts: academics and learning, navigating the institution, and survival strategies (Bell et al., 2011). The first part, academics and learning, entails the initial experiences of the students. The authors managed to summarize all these initial encounters into four parts: arrival at college, grades attained, technology and learning, and the way other students behave towards their fellow students. The second part, navigating the institution, entails some interactions with institutional leaders, wisdom in academics and adventures in de-socialization. The third part is divided into three parts: survival skills, love and trouble with the parents. These three parts are also mentioned in the first three editions. However, the distinguishing aspect is the technology.
Critical Analysis
Credibility of the book
The authors of the book are well qualified and experienced in the field of sociology. For instance, Bell is a Ph.D. from California University. Bernard McGrane holds similar qualification, but from the University of New York. Last but not least,…

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