College Students : College Is Stressful For Everyone Essay

788 Words May 12th, 2016 4 Pages
As a college student, I know that going to college is stressful for everybody. Because college life has become a lot more competitive, it is much harder to get into schools, and it has gotten a lot more expensive, the stress is present whether one is in the first year of college or in the last year. This stress can also lead students to unplanned situation like, drinking alcohols and taking drugs, which can harmful to them. Even though, college students face a lot of stress that can negatively impact their lives, time management can help students to relieve their stress. College students constantly deal with the stress of financial stress, peer-pressure stress, and imminent examination stress. First, many college students experience financial stress. According to College Board, “annual tuition and fees averaged $8,655 at public four-year college schools and $29,056 at private four-year college schools”. This can involve the struggle to find sufficient money to pay for tuition, as well as needed to cover the costs of living while attending school. Even students who are able to get sufficient financial aid to cover college costs have to cope with the financial stress of knowing that, they will have to pay back a large sum money following graduation. Furthermore, the cause of the stress is peer-pressure. Peer-pressure is when friends persuade you to do something like alcohol or drug that you do not want to do. Lastly, students are always worried a lot about what is…

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