College Student 's Computers Are More Of A Distraction Than A Helping Tool For Leaning

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Stulman’s essay argues that for college student’s computers are more of a distraction than a helping tool for leaning. Throughout Stulman’s essay he has a abundance of grammatical delivery errors which result in his essay being unsuccessful. Stulman’s essay is unsuccessful on how he delivered his argument such as he lacked factual evidence to back up his argument, broadly generalized his clams, as well as addressed numerous problems and did not provide any solutions to these problems. One of the primary reasons Stulman’s essay is unsuccessful is because he lacked factual evidence to back up his argument that computers are more of a distraction than an aid in learning for college students. This is shown in his example of how students are using computers to procrastinate or not do academic work. “They are playing Tomb Raider instead of going to chemistry class, tweaking the configurations of their machines instead of writing the paper due tomorrow” (Stulman). Stulman would have had a stronger argument if he had backed up his example with facts. Such as talking about the percentage of average college students that play video games instead of doing homework. By doing this would have made the reader believe Stulman’s claim that students just play games on their computers instead of doing academic work. His lack of facts can also be shown when he is explaining how many cumulative hours students spend on their computers a day. “But when students spend four, five, even ten hours a…

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