College Student : Should Parents Flip Out Or Chill Out By Sherri Kuhn

861 Words Dec 13th, 2016 4 Pages
The time has finally come that every freshman in college is excited about, Christmas break and the end of your first semester of college. As students begin to feel the excitement of packing up and going back home, students aren’t as excited to see their end of semester grades. This generation of college student are very much engaged to the social life rather than their academic life, which cause grades to plummet and cause concern for not only the student but the parents. In an article called “College freshman first-term grades: Should parents flip out or chill out” by Sherri Kuhn. She explains that many students are open to discussing their new friends and new experience but aren’t honest about the educational portion of there new life. Kuhn then goes on to asking an important question “what should you do if your college freshman comes home with a less- than stellar grade report”. The article brings up solid points about college freshman and what they go through there first ever semester of college so that her audience the parents of First semester college students can be more understanding about the grades that their child bring home.

First the author explains that a major reason for grades decreasing in the first semester off college is due to moving away from home. Now that freshman are not living back home they have tons of freedom “No curfew, No set family mealtime, and unlimited freedom”. Along with freedom Kuhn also explains that this is the first time college…

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