College Student Chance Bo Texting While Driving Essay

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In 2012, Texas college student Chance Bothe was texting that he needed to stop texting because he said that he could die in a car accident (Zafar, 2012). He was driving and texting at the same time, which caused him to drive toward a cliff. He was luckily survived, but he got serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, a cracked skull, and a broken neck (Zafar, 2012). In 2013, 19-year old Elizabeth Haley Meyers was on her way to Royal Farms in Maryland when she hit 30-year old Wesley Roberts who was driving his motorcycle (Valcourt, 2013). She was texting while driving. Roberts died, his children, a brother, and a father were left behind while Meyers faced the chance of being sentenced up to ten years in prison with thousand dollars fines (Valcourt, 2013). Without a doubt, texting and driving is a rising problem in our nation. According to Pascual-Ferrá, Liu and Beatty (2012), 25% of auto accidents, that is, 1.6 million accidents, every year was result to cellphone use and texting while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also stated that “teens are six times more likely to crash while dialing a cellphone and 23 times more likely to crash while texting” (Mays, 2014). A person who’s texting while driving is similar to a 70-year old with bad eyesight driving a car (Mays, 2014). Pascual-Ferrá, Liu and Beatty (2012) also found that the effects on texting and driving are comparable to the effects of alcohol use and marijuana use on…

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