Essay about College Sports Vs. College Athletics

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Athletic programs in college have grown tremendously since they first began years ago, and now some believe that collegiate athletics have no place in higher education. Contrary to this, if one takes a closer look they see that college athletics do play a valuable role in higher education and should continue to play a part in the college experience. Students who participate in college athletics help carry out their school’s traditions, and by competing at such a high level they have the chance to put their school on the map. While competing, these people handle the load of a full-time college student and learn to be responsible and reliable. Some see college athletics as just a business, but truly they provide an opportunity for young adults to compete in the sport that they love, while getting an education and learning lessons that will last a lifetime. For 150 years, college sports have been an important aspect of American universities and abolishing them would eliminate the benefits that they bring (“College Athletics Programs”). One of the greatest benefits of college athletics is that they bind the school to the community. People who live in a college town love to support their institution and showing up at numerous athletic events displays how far their dedication goes. Not only do college sports attract people who live in the college town, but also alumni and future students. The school’s spirit and unity extends far beyond the boarders of their immediate campus…

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