College Should Not Be Free Essay

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Student debt is one of the leading issues facing the younger generation today. Many people fear that they will not be able to land a well-paying job after graduation; and that they will drown in their debt because of college tuition prices. This has led many politicians to propose free college tuition and because of this, it has become a recurring topic in recent political debates. Others, however, think that college education should be provided for everyone that wants it, that everyone should have the same opportunity, and it would increase the amount of available jobs. Although, both sides of this debate have excellent points, college should not be free because taxes would increase, college is a privilege not a right, and not everyone wants to go.

Although it is commonly agreed that a college education is the key to success today, that does not mean it should be free. If it was free, individuals would end up paying for everyone else’s tuition for the rest of their lives through taxes. According to Bernie Sanders, “under the College for All Act, the federal government would cover 67% of the cost, while the states would be responsible for the remaining 33% of the cost (Bernie).” People have trouble paying for things now with money being taken out of their paycheck because of taxes, and if it were to increase poverty rates are likely to as well and overall, society would just struggle more.

Not to mention, if college became free the value of a…

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