College Should Not Be A Affordable Essay

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College should aspire to be idealistically affordable. The value of college should notimpede you from future success, on the contrary it should subsequently engender you to strivefor a scholarship to pave the way for your forthcoming endeavors.Is College Worth the Cost? Without a doubt. College should bestow everyone anopportunity at life and allow all the permission to achieve and accomplish their dreams that theyalways wish to become a reality.Caperton, looks at the has significance and worth of college education, despite the cost ofa four-year college. For it has a value superior to that of currency. Caperton states the benefits ofcollege education that will guide and maintain your sustainability in the future. Caperton saysthat, “the value has gone up more than the cost has” and that, “cost should not be a barrier to goto college” which leads many to believe that college is still worth the price. Caperton believesthat the rising cost in college is still worth the price. More education equals higher salaries is asuggestion Caperton believes to be true. Caperton concludes his interview by saying, “not only iscollege worth it but there are many ways to afford it.” Caperton also adds, that higher educationleads to more employment opportunities.There are many ways to make college is worth the cost, one reason being that it varies onthe selection of the college degree and if the school is affordable, with the use of financial aidscholarships and the Free Application for…

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