College Reliance On Act And Sat Essay

1198 Words Nov 13th, 2015 null Page
Many high school students spend the majority of their junior year preparing for the ACT or SAT. They take numerous practice tests, spend countless hours studying, and pay for classes, tutors, and books to help them prepare, all for a college to judge them for only that one score on that one standardized test. What if the score is not what the student wants, and it is not good enough for their potential college? Now they beat themselves up over that lousy score, or they will pay more money to retake the test and relive those agonizing nights of stressful studying and over thinking. Colleges often use one of these two tests to determine whether to admit the student. These two standardized test seek to predict how current students will perform in courses that are commonly taken by new college students, yet they do have their limitations. Can a test actually predict the potential of a student or provide fair results for everyone? College reliance on ACT and SAT should be put to an end, not only because they lack reliability/validity, and consistent administration, but also creates issues for students with different racial and ethnic backgrounds.
The ACT and SAT have many terms to define when evaluating their value, but of the most important is reliability and validity. A test is only completely reliable if the student gets exactly the same results the second time they take it and every other time after that. Because of this, standardized tests have a standard error of…

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