College Reimbursement: My Future Goals And Future Challenges

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Register to read the introduction… Making sure the elderly are taken care of properly. My new future goal is to have my own building with my current company. I know that there will be several challenges while I am trying to finish up the program. The next several months will be very busy with the holidays, and my son is a high school senior. He is a starter on his school basketball team. So between the holidays, basketball games, and two jobs, times is going to be the biggest challenge. I usually do my class work in the evenings after supper and on the weekends. The one good, is that it is to cold to be outside.
My finances are going to be another issue. I got the first half of the program paid for, but not the last part yet. I have applied for multiple scholarships, but yhere are not that many that I have found that will pay for masters programs. No grants or any kind of help like that. I really do not want another student loan, I am still paying on my RN BSN that I can not even use. My son
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Then when he graduates in May I have got to figure how I am going to get both of us through school, My husband always tells me that everything will work out, and it usually does. While my one student loan is deferred, I am working to pay other bills off. So, if I have to get a loan for the last half of the program I will not feel as bad. Stress, that is a big one. I do not handle it well, and unfortunately I have a lot of it. Working two jobs, family, farm, school, and my son's senior and basketball activities. My full time job is Monday through Friday 6a.m. Until 2p.m. My DON and ADON rely on me a lot when they are not in the building. They use my hall as an example when they bring potential employees through, and they have me to orientate new nurses. I am on call so other nurses call me if anything happens with a resident or if someone does not show up for work. So there are times that I end up going back to work. I know that it is the same at most facilities, so when I get home I try to do something that I enjoy for a little bit before I settle down for the evening. My horses are my biggest stress relievers, I have found that brushing them take all my stress away. They love it and it makes them look so much

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