College Rankings For Higher Education Essay

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College rankings
Nowadays, many prospective college students use rankings published by different institutions to pick the university of their choice. However, there are no certain proofs, accuracy and absolution in the rank listing. Each publisher uses different factors to measure the ranking; therefore, the results vary. Although, there are some similarities in the listing methods, and the factors measured by publications, the differences between the outcomes are outstanding. The main issues are, whether the rankings reflect the quality, or if the rankings cause an increase of the tuition, and yet the rankings might develop inequality among students.
The first issue is about whether rankings reflect school quality or not. While many people measure the academic quality of a institutions by its ranking, others question the accreditation of the rankings. The result of the researches of Institute for Higher Education Policy suggests that the impact of rankings are often positive, “as a result of rankings, institutions may be motivated to improve the quality of their academic programs. Institutions report that lower than expected rankings are prompting curriculum review, new teaching and learning practices, and new academic programs” (6). On the other hand, Milyon Trulove, vice president of admissions at Reed College in Portland, Ore., believes, due to the lack of underlying agreement on the definition of the school quality, ranking cannot accurately and absolutely reflect the…

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