College Pressures By William Zinsser Essay

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College Pressures
In “College Pressures”, William Zinsser talks about the college pressures that most college students face. At the time, William Zinsser was the Master of Branford College at Yale University. He says that he sees four kinds of pressure that most college students go through such as economic, parental, peer and self-induced pressure. As I read his essay, I analyzed the effectiveness of Zinsser’s observation about what pressures most college students face.

Most students face economic pressure as they live in a brutal economy. Zinsser says that he knows why students are under that pressure. He explains that at most private colleges, tuition, room and board cost at least $7,000 per year at the time this essay was written. Today, the cost for tuition, room and board is now $40,000 per year. Due to this high cost, most students can’t afford higher education. Therefore, they have to take out loans to help them pay off their tuition, which is not unusual for a student. Since they have to pay off their loans once they graduate, Zinsser claims that students will never get ahead.

I have to agree on Zinsser’s argument that college students face economic pressure since they don’t make or have enough money to pay off the tuition. To relate Zinsser’s argument, I remember watching a documentary called “Student Loan Sinkhole?” which was about a single mother who was struggling with paying off her $70,000 student loan debt. She owed about a thousand dollars a month in…

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