Essay on College Of West Virginia Cut Tuition Rates

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Martinez 5as room and board and materials does increase with the economy. In addition, some schools havealso cut their tuition rates instead of increasing them. These cuts allow universities to increasethe enrollment and provide many students who are unable to afford the high tuition rates, with ahigher education opportunity. Bethany College of West Virginia cut its tuition in 2002-2003 by42% from $20,650 to $12,000, which helped increase the campus enrollment by 13%. (TuitionFreezes, Tuition Cuts and Level Tuition, 1) Level tuition and FAFSA are other ways to attain acollege degree with help. Level tuition is a way for universities to freeze tuition for each class,but then raise the tuition for each new successive class. FAFSA is a system for families to applyfor in order to receive help from the government for college through things such as: grants,loans and scholarships. This system helps students pay for almost anything needed at a universitysuch as: tuition, transportation, room and board, etc. However, most universities with a hightuition rate tend to be known as the “ivy league” institutions. The cost of tuition generally staysat such a steep price because universities must be able to maintain their high and efficientacademic successes through providing students with the best staff and student life necessities. Inthe recent years, early college in high schools and dual enrollment began to help students who donot have much income in their household, gain a college…

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