College Nightmare Essay

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College Nightmare
In life, people come across challenging obstacles when trying to achieve their goals. College, like life, has a variety of challenges that appear in students’ pathways to their goals. For most college students that are just starting out in the basic classes, such as English 101, problems can arise due to classes being much harder than the prior high school classes the students are used to. Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s class is hard because it has an online portion, it creates stress, and it is a required class.
Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s English 101 class is difficult because it has an online portion. In Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s class students come for a lecture hour every Monday and Wednesday, and every Friday students’ must complete the online
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Fox-Angerer’s class students are introduced to many new things all at once and begin to feel overwhelmed causing them to stress out, which can make her class hard. Students will learn about organization, work on the computer, how to type a paper, how to organize paragraphs, etc. On the first day of class students get a list of all the assignments and their due dates for the whole semester. As read in the article “A Student’s Guide to Balancing Stress” on, “Some students confronted by certain obstacles might be motivated to excel, while others might freeze up and panic.” Every student in Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s class approaches stress differently, causing different outcomes when confronted with each obstacle. When stress begins to build problems start arising making it hard to keep school priorities straight. In Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s class there are priorities, like assignments, that a student must accomplish. When students get behind or get piled up on work from her class they become stressed, making her class difficult. Stress continues to build, when adding in the pressure of a student’s other college courses. With this, things will tend to get out of hand rapidly making classes hard. When being introduced to many new things in Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s class some students find it easy to adapt and never become stressed over her class. However, the other majority of her students reacted the exact opposite viewing the class as overwhelming. They begin to stress …show more content…
Required classes that some are used to in high school do not compare to required course such as Mrs. Fox-Angerer’s English 101 class. This can cause these students to struggle with controlling and understanding stress and obtaining necessities such as computer access. High school students need to start realizing that it is their responsibility to make themselves knowledgeable about the real college process. It is likely that many things will be new and very different from the previous years of their education. Take on new chapter of life with a very open mind. If meeting every set goal in life, big or small, were easy there would be no point to achieving them. Just remember with every challenge that gets in the way there is a lesson to be learned that will help later on once the goal is

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