Essay on College Life : Why It Is A Technical College Or University?

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College Life Would you like to start going back to school? Have you had any doubts about going to school? Ever thought it would be too much to handle all at one time? You are NEVER to old to attend college. Whether it is a technical college or University? School is school. It is up to you to decide if you are up for the mental and physical challenge. Personally, I didn?t think that I was going to be able to handle all the stress between school, work, and my personal life. My motivation began to kick in real quick. One tip I can give anybody, when you feel like you are down and out: THINK OF YOUR MOTIVATION!! For most people, their motivation is their kids. I don?t have any kids yet, so my motivation is my mother who passed away when I was nine years old.

So one day, I gathered enough courage to do some research about Miller-Motte. I have a friend who started school there and she loved the school. I was in the office listening to Mrs. Tiffany as she was talking and it really hit home. ?We have a twenty-eight day provisional period, so you can still attend while we are waiting on your financial aid.? Mrs. Tiffany said.

That really hit home. When I tried to go to Aiken Tech, I had to wait until my financial aid went all the way through and was done processing. Which in my case, I had to wait another two months. And at Aiken Tech, they don?t have a late start. Whatever you miss, you have to make it up. So if I would?ve gone there, I would?ve had to make up the two months…

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