College Is Worth The Expensive Cost Of College Essay

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As many seniors across the nation are now realizing, the cost of college is incredibly high. But tuition rates were not always as high as they are now. There are many reasons why the cost of college has risen so much in the past forty years. The growing cost of college has changed many people’s lives and will continue to. There are also many scholarships available to students who are struggling to pay for college. But the increase in tuition has also caused many people to wonder if college is still worth the expensive cost.
The cost of college has increased greatly over the past forty years. According to one study, from 1972 to 2012, the published cost of college rose 1,120 percent. During that same period of time, the cost of food increased 244 percent and the price of medical care increased 601 percent (Roos 2014). Harvard’s has increased its tuition to more than seventeen times the 1971-72 tuition. This year’s tuition will cost a student about $45,000. If the tuition had gone up according to the inflation rate since 1971, it would cost only $15,000 (Schoen 2015). The Great Recession led to less government funding for public colleges and universities. Some of those states cut funding by more than thirty percent (Roos 2014). Although the economy has improved since the Great Recession, state funding for public universities has remained at a low due to mandatory spending programs, like health-care and pensions for retired people and Medicaid for low-income families. And…

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