College Is Too Much Money For College Essay

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Stephanie Milewski, graduates next May from college having $90,000 in loans that she needs to start paying off. College is a lot of money includes paying for room and board fees, books need for the courses you take and on top of that her student loans. Stephanie is like every other college graduate that needs to pay off her student loans starting after graduation. Stephanie did not let the cost of college stop her from attending college and pursuing a career she is very interested in. Although, paying for college can be hard to pay for it shouldn’t affect a student’s education. As you can see, a college education is worth the investment for the following three reasons many ways to pay for college, enrollment into college, and better employment opportunities.
Although, college is too much money to pay for there are many ways you can pay for your or a student’s education. First , there is many ways to pay for college and it is to take student loans for the student throughout college. "Then there are the institutions that make loans. Loans, at the most basic level, are made to the individual by the bank, with some reference to collateral. All that the student can offer is future payments--when he has graduated and begins to accumulate a little surplus." Loans are basic leveled and easy to use that are made available for students from the bank whatever offer they can make is for future payments that they will start to pay until all paid off (Buckley). Loans are one…

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