Essay on College Is The Right Choice For You

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“College is definitely the right choice for you.” “If you go to college, you 'll earn more money in the long-run!” “You need to have some extra circular activities or you 'll never make it into a good college.” These are just some of the comments made all throughout high school, urging students to attend college or risk dooming their future. However, what people fail to mention are the numerous other opportunities students have after after high school is complete, some of which may even be more effective than attending college. Furthermore, the people pushing students towards attending college rarely mention its downsides. These include high tuition prices, potential failure to teach students higher level thinking skills, and slipping graduation rates. With this is mind, it is suggested that a student rethinks his/her decision to attend college in favor of a more rewarding path in the game of life.

The primary reason why an individual should not attend college is because tuition prices are outrageously high. According to the College Board Policy Center, “the cost of public university tuition is about 3.6 times higher today than it was 30 years ago” (38). It is unreasonable to think that all students attending college will be able to pay the four to five digit fee charged to them each year. Even with scholarship opportunities and financial aid, college tuition still continues to burden those who are required to pay it each quarter. In addition to this, “student loan debt…

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