College Is The Perfect Opportunity For Students With Disabilities

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The REACH Program
Students with intellectual or developmental disabilities can go to college!
Why should students with disabilities go to college?
Just like any other student going to college, students with disabilities should attend college so they can have a career and pursue their passions. Particularly students with disabilities should attend college so they can develop not only their academic skills, but also their non-academic skills(socialization and independent living). Both skill sets are essential for having a career and being a productive member of society. Many students with intellectual and or developmental disabilities struggle particularly with socialization and independent living(Gothberg, 344). Most colleges do not offer the support that students with disabilities need. College is the perfect opportunity for students to develop and sharpen these non-academic skills.
What is the REACH program?
The REACH program is a part of the College of Charleston. REACH stands for realizing educational and career hopes. It is a four year program for students with intellectual and or developmental disabilities. At the end of four years, each student receives a certificate, which is comparable to a degree. The REACH program specifically targets four goals of college: academics, socialization, career development and independent living. In order to achieve these goals students are given support in attending classes, living in campus-housing, joining…

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