College Is The Most Difficult Aspect Of College Essay

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College students often find the most difficult aspect of college is time management. It’s recommended in order to be a well-rounded college student you need to put two to three hours aside per credit hour dedicated to studying weekly. I did research on how many hours a week LSU students dedicate studying in correlation to their: classification, gender, high school GPA, senior college, and credit hours. “[Students] may have more background knowledge in English than [they] do in math. In classes that are more difficult for [them], it is not unusual to spend three to four hours a day in study and fewer in the classes with which [they] are more familiar” (Utah State University). I created a survey because “conversations with students are the most effective way to determine the specifics of underachievement” (Balduf 2009).
I used a web application called Survey Monkey to create my survey. I posted the link to my survey on the LSU 2018 group page on Facebook, Twitter, and my personal Facebook page.
I received 25 respondents. Each participant responded to the 5 question listed below. The most popular answers from the survey are: 7 or more hours spent studying, Sophomore, female, with 3.5 or higher high school GPA, in the Engineering senior college, and have 14 to 16 credit hours. For the first question, “how many hours a week do you spend studying”, 0 hours received 0% of the votes, 1-2 hours and 5-6 hours both received 12%. 3-4 hours received 40%, and…

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