College Is The Great Thing About College Essay

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Keys to College
New beginnings, new people, and endless opportunities. Starting college is a whole new chapter to life that leads to the next chapter. A chance to push students to be what they have always answered to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Some students could know what they want to study and others may be unsure of what they want to study. That is the great thing about college because this is the time in a young adult 's life to have the chance to find themselves. Being a college student means more responsibilities and freedom. All of that is great but can be overwhelming. College is going to be some of the best times in life but also the worst. Students have to worry about grades, bills, work, managing their money and having a social life. Students need to know how much debt they are going to be taking in after college, that bad things happen, how to budget money, and that when college is over they might not get the highest paying job. Picking a good major that suits them and being financially stable is the first step to starting college off right. All people have different learning strategies on taking notes, writing papers, studying for test and quizzes, etc. Staying focused, being organized, and leaving little reminders to study or do homework could help tremendously. Remembering work first play later. Students do not want to wait to do their homework tell the last minute that is just stressful. This is where students learn to set…

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