College Is The College Standard Essay

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Auburn University: Above The College Standard
A big life decision every student has to make is whether they want to go to College and which college is good for that student. College is not only a place to earn a higher education but where a student will call home for four years or more. There is a lot that goes into picking a college for some students, how far away it is, student diversity, the list goes on. Now the only problem is which College is right for the student and where should they start. Auburn University is the University every student should look at for a higher education. The most important qualities a University should have is Campus life, academics available at the University, how it ranks overall to other Colleges, and the most important is how much it cost to attend the University.
Campus life is a crucial factor for student to consider in choosing a University. In order for a student to not only have fun but to grow as a person is to get involved with your campus. Auburn University offers a lot for their students to get involved with on campus and encourages it so you meet people. One of the most popular events held on campus is “Hey Day.”(Auburn overall ranking) Hey Day is where all students where name tags in an effort for students to interact with each other and start a conversation. Another opportunity for students to experience campus life is orientation. Auburns orientation also known as Camp War Eagle, is a two day and one night camp for students…

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