Essay College Is The Best Time Of Your Life

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I wanted to remember it all, every single moment, every small memory. I wanted to remember every detail so bad that it all started to become a blur, and thats what I was afraid of the most. Everyone says that college is the best time of your life, the glory years where you 're old enough to know better but yet still young enough to get away with it. Adults go on and on about how you 'll make great memories and best friends, but no one ever talks about what you leave behind. The day I left for college was the day I had to say goodbye to my two toughest critics, fiercest competitors, and best friends. Leaving my sisters was the single hardest thing Ive ever had to do. In this day and age it 's not uncommon to grow up with siblings, and I feel for those who don 't get this opportunity. Getting to grow up as a triplet? Whatever the chances are of that happening, I’ll forever be thankful it happened to me. My mom often tells the story about how she thought she was having twins, and while I 'm sure this isn 't exactly how it happened, went to a doctors appointment for them to say “Oops, looks like we found another.” I can only imagine the stress she must have felt, suddenly thrust into the responsibility of providing for three babies when you already have one at home. I bet she was scared, but before she knew it we were here. Two months premature, I was born a minute apart from my two identical sisters. Growing up we did everything together. In elementary school we wore…

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